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Drone Services Fiji offers a comprehensive range of aerial surveying technologies for cost effective and efficient aerial surveying supported by geospatial expertise to deliver projects of all sizes for our clients.

Drones are particularly useful and save time save over conventional land surveying in rugged terrain and challenging geography or where safety or community sensitivities limit site access.

Our speciality is high accuracy, high-resolution aerial surveying with DJI multi-rotor drones and Quantum Systems powerlift eVTOL drones to capture data from small to large project areas.

CAD friendly products

The CAD friendly products we deliver to our clients are spatially accurate and suitable for site visualisation, engineering design and volumetric computations and include:

  • Geo-referenced ortho-rectified imagery (orthomosaics)
  • Dense 3D Classified Point Clouds
  • Digital Surface and Digital Terrain Models
  • 3D Mesh Models
  • Digitised fly-thru movies
  • Contours
  • 2D and 3D line drawings

Drone Services Fiji aerial surveying solutions provide any project and client with access to precise spatial information required to make critical decisions.