The Directors and Manager of Kinetic Growth Fund Ltd (KGF) are pleased to announce the investment by KGF into Drone Services (Fiji) Ltd (DSF).

DSF is a provider of drone services to both public sector and private clients, with a focus on: mapping and surveying; videography; airspace security; drone-related training and education; drone hire and related equipment sales.

KGF Chairman, Erik Larson, said the investment is part of KGF’s efforts to add attractive, new
companies to its business. Larson added that KGF was excited to be involved in a company that was on the cutting edge of drone technology application in Fiji.

“Drone-related services represent an emerging market with a wide range of recreational and
commercial applications. Drones can provide a simpler, faster, more efficient solution to many
time-consuming and costly tasks undertaken by ground teams. We think such services have
an important future in Fiji and the region and are happy to be part of a new and exciting
company”, he said.

Founder and Managing Director, Richard Russell, said KGFs investment proved the Fund’s confidence in both DSF’s strategy and its commercial potential.

“We are delighted to have KGF on board as our partner, one which brings important financial,
managerial, strategic and other support. Our business is really much more than just operating

“The true power of our business lies in the imagery and other information that can be
collected by the drones, and the quantification, analysis and application of this information.
DSF has the know-how to harness this very effectively, and KGF’s investment will allow us to
use this expertise in the best possible way. “

“We are grateful for the faith put in us by KGF,” he said.

KGF invested a total of $300,000 in DSF, partly in preference shares and partly in ordinary shares.

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