If you are a recreational drone pilot and wish to operate a drone, you are advised
to operate this within your own property during the COVID-19 operational

You cannot fly your drone over public spaces such as parks or the beach, nor
during curfew hours and within the lockdown zone(s) as designated by the

A partnership between the Fiji national university and Drone services Fiji limited will now allow FNU Civil Engineering students to learn how to use drones to survey land.

COVID-19 restrictions also apply to those organisations holding Commercial
Authorisations for RPAS
unless operating in direct support of an organisation
providing an essential service, and only when the activity directly contributes to
the provision of that essential service, or is necessary for that essential service to

If in doubt, STAY GROUNDED – it’s the safest thing to do.

Contact the Authority on [email protected] for any clarification.

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