Pursuant to Regulation 78 (2) and 82 of the Air Navigation Regulations 1881 and after taking into account that the authorisation is not likely to affect aviation safety: – 

I. AJAI KUMAR, Acting Chief Executive of the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji,

1.3D Robotic Solo6.DJI Phantom
2.DJI Inspire7.DJI Spark
3.DJI Mavic8.Quantum Systems Trinity
4.DJI Matrice M6009.Scientific Aerospace 4Scight
5.DJI M200/M210

for the purposes and subject to the conditions me timed within this authorisation. 

* UAV/UAS Drones are classed as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) 


The purpose is to authorise DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD to operate the RPAS only for the purpose of Cinematography  Photography, Deader Recovery and Emergency Response, Infrastructure Inspection, Mapping and Surveying, Education and Training as a provider to the Government and Business. 


This authorisation is only applicable for the above purpose and shall come into effect on 01st April 2019 to 01st April 2022 and in accordance with any of the validity provisions mentioned below. 


This authorisation is subject to the following conditions; 

1. The RPAS shall only be operated by the approved RPAS pilots, as approved by DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD whilst in its employ;

2. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD RPAS pilots shall ensure Cat the RPAS are operated so as not to impinge on the saM operations of aircraft within the area,

3. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD RPAS are prohibited from being operated into any promulgated prohibited and res.ed area as depicted in Me Fiji Aeronautical Publication, Fiji Wide Area Chart or Visual Navigation Chart; 

4. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD pilots shall ensure that the RPAS are prohibited from overflying all Fiji Defence Force or Fiji Law Enforcement or Correctional facilities or government facilities; 

5. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD pilot shall ensure that the RPAS Operations are not permitted within 5 km of Nadi and Nausori International airport, 3km of all other domestic airports and above 200 feet above ground level. 

6. Any intentions to operate outside condition 5 will require prior approval of Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF) and coordination with the appropriate Fiji Airports Limited (FAL) Air Traffic Control Unit, and any specific conditions specified by the Duty Air Traffic Controller shall be adhered to

7. A 24 hour advance notice shall be given by the DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD RPAS Pilots to the FAL NOTAM office, with details of the area of operations, for the issue of a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) prior to operating the RPAS.

8. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD pilots shall ensure and must maintain valid and cur., controllers certificate and Liability Insurance.

9. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD pilots shall satisfactorily demonstrate and maintain adequate general aviation knowledge in line with specific RPAS skills;

10. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD pilots shall ensure that the RPAS shall only be operated in visual meteorological conditions (VMC)cororol and within line of sight from the RPAS pilots;

11. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD pilot shall ensure that all activities for the DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD RPAS are required to be logged and kept on file;

12. CAAF will not be liable for any roes, damage, injury, illness or death sustained by any person or caused to any property however caused and DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD, indemnities, and shall keep indemnified CAAF against any claim, loss or expense whatsoever;

13. The authorisation does not limit any directive given by CAAF to DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD from varying or ceasing operations, if it is in the public interest and is likely to affect aviation safety;

14. The DRONE SERVICES (FIJI) PTE LTD must provide to CAAF such information as CAAF may require;

15. This Authorisation is not prejudicial to any requirements imposed by government or any other national authority.


(These fifteen conditions are mandatory.) 

This authorisation remains in effect until the earliest of the following: 

a. Midnight of 01st April 2022; or

b. when any condition set out in this authorisation is breached; or 

c. the date on which this authorisation is cancelled in writing by CAAF where k is of the opinion that tt b in the public interest or is likely to affect aviation safety. 



Dated NADI this 27th day of May 2019

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